Friday, April 24, 2009

DOMO STALKER - thank you!!!!

Happily relieved yesterday when another DOMO card was in my mailbox. I think that means its NOT over! yay!!!!
I think it arrived exactly one month after the last one. It was post marked Northern Virginia - I could not read the date. I thought the images on the back were from an old ad, but, It seems like they were printed off of the internet, since the back of the paper is blank. More clues ......

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Studio Update....

Well, the orders are almost ALL done. Can you believe it? 173 orders (and counting) and we only have 24 more to go!!! Thanks again for such an incredible response to the crazy April sale.
Last Friday, when the light began to shine at the end of the tunnel, I sat down at the bench and started to re-make a ring I lost. Long story short, something new came out. And here it is. How can I describe the happiness it brings to me to make new work???
These rings are a blast to make and are going to be ONE -OF- A-KIND.

One-of-a-kind means that these are hand fabricated and constructed by hand. Each ring is individual and even though similar rings may come into being, the same one will not. The sterling bands are traditional, in that they are sized and solid. These rings cannot be ordered or sized, and will be for sale until sold. I still have to make a few more to figure out the pricing, but it looks like the 5-ballers will be around $135 and the mega-ball will be somewhere between $290 and $350 - depending on the number of Lucite balls.

As you know, the photography has been my obstacle, and it really will be worked out sometime within the next few weeks. When that is done, poppishop will be finally updated. Its long over due (the last update was in October!! - YIKES!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday Night Derby was WOW!!!

OK- -Saturday I had a most incredible night! I went to the Charm City Roller Grils vs. the Gotham Girls bout in Baltimore. I knew the bout was going to be amazing because Gotham is #1 and Charm City has been dying for some real competition. The evening did not disappoint. It was fast. It was hard and even though Charm City lost - they did not give it away.
It made me fall even more in love with Dolly Rocket and Joy Collision. I also saw, for the first time, Just Carol, who was a crazy wiry hot mess, crawling through the pack like a spider who smells blood.
I am definitely not a commentator, so read all about it here.

I mean, just LOOK at Dolly.
Look at what she is holding back - single handedly. Damn!

photo credit:
Craig Lammes