Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Its "Bake-a-Cake-at-Work" DAY!!!!

Dillon and Holly are making a birthday cake for 826DC! play by play photos are at the end of this post.

Never heard of 826DC?
826DC is a writing center in Washington, DC that provides free tutoring, educational programming, and writers' workshops for kids in DC ages 6-18. It is housed in the Museum of Unnatural History in the Columbia Heights. 826DC is the newest of eight national chapters across the US. (You may be familiar with their other branches housed in: the Pirate Supply store in San Francisco, Time Travel Mart in LA, Super Hero Supply store in Brooklyn, Boring Store in Chicago, Space Travel Store in Seattle, the Big Foot Research Center in Boston, or the Robot Supply Store in Ann Arbor.) If you're ever in the neighborhood, stop by the store and pick up a bottle of unicorn tears or a bottle of utter darkness. Dillon volunteers there part time, so you can say hello to her too! Check them out on facebook.

For their first anniversary, 826DC is celebrating and fundraising for the entire month of October. They've set a fundraising goal of raising $826 per day throughout the month of October. Please help them meet their goal so the children of Washington, DC have a bright, shiny future!


Poppi Girls

Dillon is in charge of the baking of the cake - its going to be a REEALLY big cake! Since Holly is our in house Cake embellish-er, she'll be doing the decorating.

First, get all of your ingredients ready to go.

Measure twice, bake once...

did I mention, it was a red velvet cake?

out of the oven, and now all we have to do is wait for it to cool.....AND bake another one.

COMING SOON the pics of....Holly's decorating extravaganza....
in the meantime... here is a shot of the cake Holly made for Dawn's Birthday. Her oven had a hot spot, so, she kindly steered us away from eating the burnt part.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get it while it's hot!

That's right, friends...it's a
party and we're serving up some Poppi!

Make your way to Covet
in Arlington, VA tomorrow night from 7-9 pm, and not only will you get to feast your eyes on some Poppi bon bons, but there are many other decadent treats in store for you...

1. Cocktails.....what's not to like? Plus, a Tipsy Dawn will be there. (Hmmm.....is this a drink...or a new color combination.... you'll just have to come and find out!)

Butter London Nailpolish giveaway! Chance to win a free Poppi ring!

3. All the hip, new Poppi ring designs for fall will be there. That's right, this is where are "it" rings (and you) will be hanging out (if you'd like to meet one in person).

Poppi's on the menu, and we hope to see you there!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Silver Spring Festival of the Arts

Vintage lucite necklaces
Dear Poppi People,

We will be at the Silver Spring Festival of the Arts this weekend in lovely downtown Silver Spring.

Come see a real live poppi girl, our signature line of Poppi glass and sterling silver jewelry, our vintage lucite pieces, and our vintage-inspired line of brass work.

Saturday 10 am to 6 pm
Sunday 10 am to 5 pm

For directions and more information: http://www.paragonartevents.com/maryland/html/directions.html

Let's get fancy.



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

You know what time it is...


What's not to love about weddings? Music, dancing, food, dresses, family drama, booze, love, CAKE!

This time of year we notice big orders coming in of seven of the same or similar rings and it gives us Poppi girls a warm squishy feeling knowing that something we're making will be a part of someone's very special day. One of our fans was sweet enough to send us pictures from her rehearsal dinner when she surprised all of her bridesmaids with Poppi rings.

Thanks for the pictures, Danielle! And Congrats!

If you'd like Poppi to make an appearance at your wedding, please ask us about bridal discounts. (You only have to invite one of us to your reception to receive the discount. I'd recommend inviting me-- I'm by far the best dancer on the team.)

Happy June, Poppi People!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pictured: Ringmaking birthday girl Holly and HR assistant Dewey.

In honor of poppigirl Holly's 25th Birthday, we are offering our blog readers an extra special two-day discount. Starting today, Monday, March 7th, take 30% off orders of $50 or more at www.poppishop.com. Use coupon code "hollyis25" at checkout. Act now! This deal expires tomorrow (Tuesday) night at midnight!

Happy Birthday Holly!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Are you there Spring?... It's me, Poppi.

"Look Ma, no socks!"

Ok, so the grass may not be green yet, but I'm not wearing socks today and I can still feel my toes, which means SPRING is right around the corner!

Feast your peepers on Poppi rings in Spring 2011 colors.... Feel free to scope them out online at www.poppishop.com too!


Top (counter clockwise): petal smoke, roe martha, petal starburst, petal driftwood, short petal strawberry, roe apple, xlg amber, xlg turquoise, petal purple party pants, roe peach, roe pool, roe cider, xlg daliah

Left: xlg honey, petal imitation crab, short petal pool, petal rosewood, xlg amber waves of grain, petal smore safari, xlg stripy pink, roe taupe, petal shrimp, petal boca, xlg martha, xlg lilac, roe smoke mix

Right: petal carnation, xlg coral, petal turquoise, roe tutu, roe blue icee, short petal purple mountain majesty, petal taupe, petal stripy pink, xlg swirly smoke, roe amber, xlg pool, roe periwinkle, xlg carbonaro, petal stripy pink, petal sea shell

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Poppi at the Phillips Collection

Orion Earrings

As it Goes, Philip Guston, 1978
Check out a small sampling of the new collection we're sending to the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC.

We're sending them some funky sterling silver and vintage lucite pieces from our Orion and Norma Jean lines to complement their upcoming Philip Guston exhibit. Guston (1913-1980) was a Canadian-born, American-raised painter, and is known best for his abstract expressionistic figurative paintings. The folks at the Phillips think our Orions and Norma Jeans would complement his colorful works nicely, and we agree. Check out the exhibit if you're in the area!

Orion Earrings and Necklace