Thursday, February 26, 2009

thanks to yellowbrownies!

you have us listed a a small little link, but it is driving people to our site! thank you, Miss YellowBrownies! check out her blog - I like ..whims and fancies . thanks agin!!


thanks for all of the suggestions for the next limited edition ring. you can still post more ideas here or email me. we'll decide what the theme will be next week and post the rings here.

getting ready for spring! almost my favorite time of the year...spring. I am applying to shows -both near and far and am considering Eastern Market. should I or shouldn't I? I cannot decide. I am wait listed for the New Orleans Jazz Fest and the Columbus Show. I got into the 57th street fair in Chicago. I am still waiting to hear back on another show to decide which one I am doing that weekend in June.