Thursday, September 25, 2008

OMG! poppi was mentioned on MY FAVORITE BLOG!!!

I always thought I was alone with my ring fetish, but a few years ago I came across thecarrotbox! is a website that features only rings. Mostly non-metal, from European and Australian designers. I cannot believe some of the pieces that she has found and features on her blog. She also has put her personal ring collection on line,organized BY COLOR!! A woman after my heart. How surprised was I to find out today that in her June blog she included a tiny mini link to my website. I am totally flattered in a nervous school girl kind of way. I just sent her an email gushing about how big of a fan I am and thanking her for mentioning me. I am such a dork! Definitely check out

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

on to the next thing...and the thing after that..

I have a few small events coming up.
  • I will be at my studio in Alexandria on October 2nd - from 6pm-8pm for a mini trunk show.
  • My BIG trunk show / open studio will be on Saturday October 4th from noon until 4pm.
  • I will also be at the Crystal Market again the last two weeks in October. the dates I will be there are: oct 16th-18th and Oct 23rd- 25th.
  • the next big thing for me to do is get some one of a kind work started for the Visual Arts Center of Richmond Craft + Design Show in November. I've linked it to a non-official site because it seems to have more information than the VAC site. Anyway, what I have ot do is sit down at the bench for a long long time until I have a pile of candy-like rings and such in front of me. I am looking forward to such a day!