Thursday, January 15, 2009


OK - To celebrate the inauguration of our legitimately elected, 44th President - BARACK OBAMA - we will be having a sale!!
I contemplated 44% off, but I cannot realistically do that. So, on January 20th - If you enter discount code OBAMA - your order will be discounted 20% . Take 20%OFF your entire order. So exciting!
happy new era!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

introducing the new kids on the block!!!!

here is a quick peek at my new little ones....clock wise, starting at noon, are: cher, junkyard doll, super villian, hypnotic, woodie, neptune, moonscape, april,vitamins and niagra. in the center L to R; bunny rabbit, super villian and huffy. Not pictured is maui, both as a petal and a roe. So exciting. they will be up on the web as soon as they go through the magical process of photography, photoshop and re-vamping the website so everyone fits. thanks for your patience! P.S. .....OBAMA IS COMING!!!!!


I am so sorry that I have been slacking on the blog -things went crazy mid December - but what better stuff to blog about than chaos? Well, the Holiday Market Downtown was a success (very very COLD- but still good.) New Years Eve day -we had a crazy wind storm and it blew off a big chunk of my roof. I went to a crazy hat party to ring in 2009. My very bestest Tracy went off to explore a career in the non-profit world. Do not worry - -she is still around and continues to influence and support the poppi team. Carolyn officially was invited into the Peace Corps and will be leaving for Africa in June. Marissa is applying like a mad woman to graduate schools. Sherill finally completed a HUGE cut paper piece and is framing for another show in a few weeks in North Carolina. And Donut and Roger are stinky. Oh, and I began to twitter....another big distraction. And, in case you're unaware - -OBAMA is coming!!!!!!