Friday, February 18, 2011

Are you there Spring?... It's me, Poppi.

"Look Ma, no socks!"

Ok, so the grass may not be green yet, but I'm not wearing socks today and I can still feel my toes, which means SPRING is right around the corner!

Feast your peepers on Poppi rings in Spring 2011 colors.... Feel free to scope them out online at too!


Top (counter clockwise): petal smoke, roe martha, petal starburst, petal driftwood, short petal strawberry, roe apple, xlg amber, xlg turquoise, petal purple party pants, roe peach, roe pool, roe cider, xlg daliah

Left: xlg honey, petal imitation crab, short petal pool, petal rosewood, xlg amber waves of grain, petal smore safari, xlg stripy pink, roe taupe, petal shrimp, petal boca, xlg martha, xlg lilac, roe smoke mix

Right: petal carnation, xlg coral, petal turquoise, roe tutu, roe blue icee, short petal purple mountain majesty, petal taupe, petal stripy pink, xlg swirly smoke, roe amber, xlg pool, roe periwinkle, xlg carbonaro, petal stripy pink, petal sea shell