Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New rings are here!

Check out our new ring designs coming soon to Poppishop.  If you can't wait for the rings to be posted to the website, and you need one NOW (completely understandable), we've got your back!  

Here's how:

1. Go to
2. Select any Poppi ring and click "Buy Me."
3. In the "Special Requests" Box type the name of the new ring you wish to purchase.
4. Include an additional note in the "Special Resquests" box with compliments to the Poppigirls...for example: "You are so awesome and pretty" or "Poppi rings make the world a better place!" 
             *This step is optional but highly recommended.
5. Complete the order, and your new Poppi ring will be sent!
6. Love your new ring with all your heart and soul. 
             *This step is required.

Happy Poppi-ing, People!

petal double-oh-seven

petal hamlet

petal jenna

petal margot

petal tipsy dawn

xlg margot