Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday Night Derby was WOW!!!

OK- -Saturday I had a most incredible night! I went to the Charm City Roller Grils vs. the Gotham Girls bout in Baltimore. I knew the bout was going to be amazing because Gotham is #1 and Charm City has been dying for some real competition. The evening did not disappoint. It was fast. It was hard and even though Charm City lost - they did not give it away.
It made me fall even more in love with Dolly Rocket and Joy Collision. I also saw, for the first time, Just Carol, who was a crazy wiry hot mess, crawling through the pack like a spider who smells blood.
I am definitely not a commentator, so read all about it here.

I mean, just LOOK at Dolly.
Look at what she is holding back - single handedly. Damn!

photo credit:
Craig Lammes


Anonymous said...

Dang! I think you are a great commentator. Want to write for the CCRG newsletter? I know someone who could hook you up. (Can spiders smell...)

Anonymous said...

I know you - JUICY!!! thanks!!

poppigirl said...

why am I SO obsessed with her?