Thursday, February 5, 2009

YOU CHOOSE our Valentine's Day Limited edition poppi ring!

Each poppi team member made a valentine's day inspired ring! It is up you to you, poppi fans, to vote on which one we will turn into a limited edition poppi ring.

THINGS TO NOTE: all of the roe rings are XLG -my photoshop scale skills are not the best....also #5 is pink and orange and white. I'm trying to get better..sorry.

Vote on which ring you would like see put into production. Voting ends on Thursady Feb 12th at noon.

The ring with the most votes will be available for sale starting on Friday Feb 13th and will only be available for ONE WEEK!
These rings will be at a very special price of $65.00 - sorry -further discounts will not be applied.

This little contest-esque game will hopefully be an on going thing- - Once a month, we will put out a call for suggestions (word / color / theme / phrase) that will be our inspiration. we will make the rings and you, the poppi addicts, will choose which one will be available for a limited time... be sure to check back and see what we have cooking....
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VOTING does NOT commit you to purchasing the ring.

Which is your favorite?



Nicole O said...

Number 5 matches my bikini PERFECTLY! But I love the shell look of the 4 and 2. They're all beautiful!

DrT@wholechiro said...

#4 was a close second to #2--like the color schemes better overall--more unique as rings as well. The caramel in #2 and the grey in #4 are nice color counterpoints to the pinks.